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Online Trading

Deposit & Commission Fees – MNC Trade Online Trading

Minimum Initial Deposit

General Rp 5.000.000,-
Students Rp 2.000.000,-

Online Trading Commission Fees*

Buy Transaction 0.19% (PPN included + Levy BEI) per transaction
Sell Transaction 0.29% (PPN included + Levy BEI + PPh 0.1%) per transaction

* Minimum Commission Fees: Rp 10.000,- per total transaction/day

Online Trading Market Info Fees*

Rp 27.500,- (PPN 10% included) per month

* Online Trading Market Info Fee will be charged to customer’s account balance if there is no buy/sell transaction in certain month

Stock Transfer Fees

Sending/receiving stock Rp 22.000,- per stock code between brokers


Advantages gained by using MNC Trade online trading:

  • Order transactions can be done by customers themselves
  • Order transactions can be executed in real-time
  • Opportunity of buying/selling stock at the best price is bigger
  • Able to do early (before IDX trading hours) and last-minute orders
  • Fit to daily-trader type of customers
  • Transactions can be done anywhere anytime as long as customers have well-connected PC/ Laptop/ Ipad/ Blackberry Mobile to internet through Wi-Fi or provider
  • Customers have easy access and flexibility to trade through available application


MNC Trade has well-equipped features, such as:

  • One stop Market Info - Best Quote: Order Book, Issuers News, Issuers Company Profile, Chart
  • General News
  • Account Management: Client Portfolio, Trade Confirmation, Portfolio, Statement, Stock Activity, Trade Activity, Deposit/Withdraw Confirmation
  • Market Info: Live Trade, Filter Stock Running, Live Order, Order Book, Stock View, Top 20 Stocks, Trade List, Net Buy/Sell by Stocks or Brokers, Corporate Action, Complete Indices, and so on.
  • Order Form: Buy, Sell, Amend, Withdraw
  • Instruction Order Buy/Sell with Sending Time Facility
  • Order Status (ISX Order List & ISX Trade List)
  • Chart
  • Chatting Facility with Research Team & Customer Service
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Technology & Safety

MNC Trade has implemented latest Application-Based, Web-Based, and Mobile-Based (Blackberry) technology system that enables MNC Trade Online Trading to be more responsive and fast in processing transactions. MNC Trade Web-Based trading system has been using SSL Certificate with 128-bit up to 254-bit encryption published by Verisign (Global Certification Authority) in order to provide convenience and safety in transactions as well as keep customer database.

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